Different Senior Housing Options – Maine’s Finest

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Independent living is the first alternative. This option is for seniors with the ability to care for themselves in everyday manners. Independent living permits residents to take their cars for themselves and control their financial affairs. Independent living facilities provide housing and food items, but residents are in charge of their own lives.

Since seniors in assisted living require assistance in their daily tasks, it is different to independence. When it comes to assisted living, like the name suggests nurses are required to help the seniors by assisting them in a variety of ways. You may come across people with memory problems within assisted living centers.

Another senior housing option we’ll talk about is a continued care facility. The communities that are a part of them are generally large compared to the alternatives and contain people who require many different kinds of services. Benefits of this approach is that it doesn’t require you to transition to different categories of services as you get older because they’ll provide all the services you require.