Hospitals and Color Psychology – The Film Frame

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It is possible that you are not considering the colour of the walls every time you go to urgent health care. There can be a challenge to focus in hospitals, in stressful settings. Yet, the colors of the walls might affect more on your brain than you first think. The subject of color psychology is extensively researched for a long time. Hospital designers and architects use it daily to improve patients’ experience at the ER or emergency care. The video below shows the various colors hospitals use in order to convey their message to patients in a subconscious way.

Color has been proven to impact heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration. All these variables contribute to the healing process and recuperation. Because of their explosive nature and potential to raise blood pressure, the colors red and orange should never be permitted in hospital settings. Green and blue in contrast, are more soothing and comforting for patients. Green is proven to ease stress while brighter light sources help patients rise in the morning and keep positive attitudes.