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Events like celebrations like weddings, showers and graduations, birthday parties and any other fun celebratory special occasion that you can think of! These are fairly inexpensive to put together and you can alter the menu your self to meet your guests’ needs and tastes. This is a better option instead of hiring a caterer from a restaurant or store.

For the first step in building your taco bar, you’ll need to begin with tortillas. They are the most important ingredient and be the foundation to make every tacos or burritos. Wholesale tortillas can be purchased for a reasonable price! A variety of flour and corn tortillas can be an excellent option. This ensures that most folks will be able to have at least one kind of tortilla, no matter what dietary limitations.

Then, think about the protein in each taco. In this case, you’ll have to take into consideration the dietary requirements of your guests. There should be at minimum one or two alternatives to meat (ground meat and chicken are both good choices) Then, there should be at least two alternatives that aren’t meat for any vegetarians or vegans. d3uxuofhdu.