How Do Well Drillers Drill a Water Well? – Andre Blog

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Ever wondered about what the fish have been doing on the bottom of an ocean? Keep reading to find out.

It can take many years to construct a safe, deepwater well. The location of drilling is selected after identifying possible oil or natural gas reserves that lie beneath the seafloor through seismic technology.

The location of the drill is selected by drillers who are based on the best way to reach the gas or oil.

A drilling rig is needed for the drilling of a well. Wells in deepwater require a drilling machine to be able to drill them. It can be located on the surface of a semisubmersible or drilling ship.

Each rig has a hoist system to raise and lower the pipe for drilling and drill bits needed for the well.

The base pipe of large diameter is used to prevent wells from burst due to soft and shallow feelings. The base pipe is then fabricated in the rig’s floor, the drillbit that is connected to the drill pipe is run through the inside and then lowered onto the seafloor with an hoist.

For more information on how well drillers drill a deep water well, view the following video!