How Does Central AC Work? – Home Efficiency Tips

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Help is on the way. Below is a video designed to make it easier for new homeowners to comprehend how their central AC operates.

Central air conditioning units have both outdoor and indoor components. On the outside, the condensing system is home to the motor, coils and compressor. The unit’s cooling coils are located inside the home and are usually placed near the furnace or air handler. A fan blows condensed cool through the residence by ducts connected to different rooms.

The return pulls out warmer air from the building and then removes it. When the room is at its ideal temperature, the thermostat broadcasts signals to the unit that condenses and fanto prompt them to shut down. If the thermostat determines that the temperature is above the temperature set, it prompts that the fan and compressor to re-start working.

It is essential to become familiar with the basic functions of central air cooling units. However, you should also be aware of the times when it’s best to contact your local HVAC specialists to get assistance. pway6jnszt.