How is Accident Law Determined? – Juris Master

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Injury or illness (often also referred to as “liability”) and injury can be intricate, but the majority of cases rest on the fact that someone was negligent or “negligent.” It is easy to say that either the individual or company that was responsible for the accident must be held accountable to compensate you for damages. Before reaching this decision you must establish who is legally responsible for the fault.
However, even if you’re careless and partly caused an accident, in most states you have the right to receive at least the amount you were due from anyone that was similarly negligent and was a part of the accident. The degree of other person’s liability for the accident is determined by comparing his or her negligence to your own. This determines how much he/she has to pay for damages. The term “complementary negligence” is the title of this rule.

The party responsible for the incident may not be held to be accountable for the injury if the person was injured in an accident which took place because of their failure to exercise their “duty” to care for the injured.

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