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Or if you’re one who loves art and is looking to acquire some more of it, then or you are wondering about the way artwork is priced. If you’re in the market for artwork to market, it’s crucial to know why some items are more costly than others. In this clip an expert will go over the way paintings are priced.

Normally with art prices, the higher of an item will determine how good an artist’s popularity is. If you are looking at artwork in an exhibit and the one that is most popular will be the price. What kind of work it is will also affect how you can purchase it. Paintings can be more costly than photography. Paintings cost more because of the length of time for them to be created. They also attract attention to them, so they are willing to pay more for paintings in comparison to photos. It is important to keep this in mind if you are trying to sell your work or seeking to purchase art.

This video will cover everything you need to know about the price of art.