How to Use Vinyl Polymers on Clay Earrings – Andre Blog

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One of the most well-known material used for earrings are polymer clay. It’s very easy to mold this material into small forms that are lightweight for earrings. But clay is somewhat limited. Clay may not be the best material for creating your ideal design. Vinyl Polymers, permanently vinyl sheets or automated cutting machines were used by some crafters at home to create the style they want for earrings that are made of polymer clay. This video shows you how you can use both to create adorable earrings. Create your earrings using the polymer clay you prefer. It’s essential to select an appropriate color, in particular when you’re creating pieces that will show in the background of the vinyl. Once you have created the foundation of your earrings made of clay, polish it according to the specifications on the clay package. Create yourself a design by using your vinyl cutter software. Once you have it, gently apply the design to your earrings to create a unique appearance. 3x9q5ha976.