Make Your Blog a One Stop News Source by Adding an RSS Feed

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If you run a blog or manage content on an informational site, regularly updating relevant content is a must. Original articles, video, and audio clips that serves your online readership and helps you carve your individual niche is crucial to long term success as a viable website where people turn to for indispensable reporting, insight, or commentary.

But how do lend your website more gravitas when time and resources are limited commodities? Add news feed to website, of course. With an RSS news feeds list plugged into your site via widget, you can solve logistics and content issues simultaneously in one strategic step.

Logistically speaking, it is simply humanly impossible for you to update your site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By embedding a news feed website box on the front page of your blog, you can stream the latest news automatically. Not only does this allow your readers to access the late breaking national and international news that matters without having to leave your site, but it imbues the entire blog with a sense of urgency and a commitment to journalistic activity, even during off hours or when you are asleep.

And because news feeds for websites can be customized, you can choose which news sources display articles on your blog. This can greatly improve the overall credibility of your blog by establishing a reputation as a one stop shop for specialized news and content. For example, if you manage a blog about independent music in New York City, you can supplement your original album reviews, artist interviews, and videos with the latest posts from the top publications and websites for music news.

If you design your news RSS feed list to coincide with the content you already produce, you can create an implicit dialogue between the news feed and your original content. The result is a subtle reinforcement of your blogs relevance to your community of readers, which in turn helps to solidify your identity as a source for the best information in your particular field.

Once you have embedded the RSS feed to your site, there is no real maintenance required.In the end, it is just a matter of finding the news feed websites that are pertinent to the original content you offer, and then syncing it up.