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It’s simple to see tiny pipes of water that flow through a commercial ceiling. Sprinkler heads can be seen along the pipe when they travel around the room. The video below outlines the fundamentals of the fire protection systems for commercial buildings. There are several types of systems it discusses, including dry-line systems, deluge, and wet line systems. The systems are all able to cause fires, however each has its own applications. For aircraft hangers, and every other spot where flames can quickly ignite huge quantities of highly flammable substances, deluge systems are crucial. The system rapidly drenches any building. Dry-line systems are utilized in buildings where water damage is a significant concern, including libraries. Instead of using water the pipes that connect the sprinklers and water supply are filled up with water that is pressurized. If the lines get damaged, they aren’t likely to flood the structure. Wet-line systems are extremely common. These lines are always filled with water. But, sprinklers that are above the fire can be activated in times of emergency. 3nsrzk5g9p.