Steps to Paving Asphalt – Home Improvement Videos

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Alt is one of the most well-known asphalt paving material used for driveways across America. Paving contractors can install repairs, replace, and remove asphalt pavement from driveways, parking areas as well as roads. This video describes how asphalt pavement is installed.

The first step is demolition and removal of the older asphalt pavement. Asphalt is recyclable, but for a firm new layer of pavement, the worn pavement needs to be removed. After that, the contractors for paving will grade and slope the road underneath where the asphalt will be. Proper water drainage is important for the longevity of the asphalt as well as to avoid unsafe road conditions.

The sub-base is placed in to cushion the asphalt surface that will be put over it. It’s backfilled, then is rolled out flat in order to be placed on the grading. It is then measured to make sure it is in the proper densities to hold the pavement. To be sure that it’s adequate in its density, the sub base must be compacted multiple times.

The binding agent is used to make sure both the asphalt and subbase stick together. Then the asphalt is applied to the sub-base before being rolled across the flat. The asphalt is ready for you to drive on once the sealer has dried. Check out the video for further details.