What Is the Difference Between Category 6 and 6a Cables? – Geek Support Tech

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There are various things that you need to think about when you bring cables to your company or house. Find out more about the differences between Category 6 and Category 6a cables.

Let’s first look at what similarities exist between category 6 and category 6a cables. They both support up to 1 gig of bandwidth that extends 100 meters. Although both cables offer 10 gigs of bandwidth, they do not offer the same amount of distance. Furthermore, both category6 cables and category 6a cables can be shielded or unshielded.

Now let’s look at the differences. The category 6a cables have been manufactured with greater tolerance than categories 6a cables. The twists that connect the 6a cables are much tighter to meet the higher standards that are needed. Category 6a cables are capable of the capacity at 500 megahertz. This is the same as 250 megahertz for category 6.

category 6a cables offer more strength. They’re thicker and longer however they’re much more expensive as compared to category 6 cables.

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