What Questions Should I Ask New Home Builders? – Chester County Homes

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Keep reading to learn more about what questions homeowners should ask to ensure you hire exactly the right person.

Begin by asking you “What local trade associations are you part of?” A reputable builder should belong to the local trade union. Make note of the name of local trade organizations that builders will tell you. Then, you can call them at a later time and verify that they are indeed part of the association.

Inquiring “how how long were you in industry for” is the third essential question. Builders may say they have been around for years or are more experienced than they really have. If you find an answer, check online or speak with community members for confirmation if they are authentic.

The last question to ask new builders for custom homes is “can I get at least three recent references?” That should be something any reputable builder will have the ability to give. It is also possible to check the reviews and testimonials online. The more favorable reviews they are, the greater chance they consistently do a good job.

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