What to Know About Steel – Discovery Videos

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Carbon steel can be defined by the percentage of carbon present in every grade. In the case of low-grade carbon, for instance, steel ranges from 0.04% up to 0.3% carbon content. It is the most common material for structural beams tubes, sheets, and bars. In accordance with the project it is possible to add other components. The structure can be supported by incredible structural support when you add carbon or manganese.

Medium carbon steel is composed of 0.31%-0.6 percent carbon as well as 0.6 percentage to 1.56% of manganese. This steel is tempered, hardened tempered and polished. In addition, it makes it more robust than low grade cutting, it can be more difficult.

The high carbon tool steel or carbon-tool steel has the range of 0.61 percent and 1.5 percent carbon. It turns extremely tough and brittle following heat treatment. It’s one of the most difficult kinds that carbon steel can be found in. However, it can be bent, welded or cut. If you’re working with steel, know your grade. Find out what kind of project is being undertaken and the kind of steel will be ideal for your project. 69t99lb3up.