Which Same-Day Printer is Best? – Digital Arts Magazine

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Walgreens and Walmart both are within walking distance. The system prints your photos at the time you make them available so it is easy to give gifts at last minute. Even though all these retailers are offering the same printing services every printer is identical. What can you do to discern if a printed image is of poor quality? Which of these local places offers the finest and accurate printing of photos? This video discusses this question by conducting a quick examination and printing experiment.

Absolutely, CVS is the most reliable printing. Though they may not always make your print perfect and their printing equipment isn’t always the closest match to the photographs you upload. Walmart in contrast, didn’t even give this customer the correct photographs. Aside from the obvious mistake that the colors are very off, and is leaning toward being on the red end of the spectrum. However, even though Walgreens had the quickest turnaround time, it didn’t cut one of the photos to the desired size. Be aware, when you’re choosing where to print your images it’s important to remember that the quicker you prepare and budget more money, the better print quality.